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May 20, 2011

Thank you

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their really nice comments on my blog posts. I really appreciate them, and it brings a smile to my face and heart to read them. A couple of you have asked if it is ok to share my blog. Most definitely! Helping to inspire others and giving them ideas to use in their classroom is what it is all about! Teaching is not only about teaching children and young adults, it is about educators learning from each other. I unfortunately do not have any new and current lesson plans to share with you, but enjoy my archived ones until I start teaching again.



May 20, 2010

my new website …

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My wordpress blog is teaching dedicated but check out my new website for my drawings. 🙂


April 27, 2010

The Very Reason I Want To Teach!

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This rose was given to me by one of the students I taught during student teaching, he liked to try and sleep during class and never seemed very engaged … but when he found out it was my last week to student teach he brought me this:

April 21, 2010

Newest Drawing!

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The beginning with no color

Final of "Feeling Alone Within a Tree of Familiar Faces"

April 18, 2010

High School

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High School lessons and images are up!

February 17, 2010

New Links!

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Check out all of the lesson plans I have written and am currently teaching during student teaching … Just click on Lesson Plans and then choose which grade you would like to visit. :-)

January 8, 2010

New inkwashes

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I took an art tutorial class last semester and these inkwashes were produced as a result of that class. I mixed inkwash with watercolor to produce the final look:-) I really believe inkwashes may be one of my true passions within the art mediums, although it is hard for me to pick one main medium to stick with because I love so many different ones!

December 3, 2009

Last day of observation …

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I spent my last day of observation at the Catholic school this past Tuesday. I was a great experience and one I am glad I was able to have. I officially (and really already knew) love kindergardeners! They were the joy of my days observing at the Catholic school. Painting and 5 year olds goes as well as expected together! I would say most of them had paint on their sleeves after finishing for the class period … even after I personally went around and unbuttoned and rolled up sleeves on about 25 kids! One little boy put his whole arm in orange paint … I was concerned about washing the paint off and the helper in the classroom told me to leave it, it would wash out when he got home. So, there’s something I learned, if it won’t come out in about five minutes of washing, leave it be for home. 😉

The lunch is still an amazing experience! Kudos to the school for making it feel like a big family gathering. I also enjoyed observing fourth graders, but for an entirely different reason. They tested my patience greatly. haha. They were soooo bad after the five day break for Thanksgiving. Paint flying across the room, cups spilling over, a mess at the sink, 3o dirty brushes … one class was made to end early by the art teacher because she had had enough. They had to sit on the rug and wait for their teacher to come pick them up. This experience was good for my patience and also when I have a quiet look at what a teacher is doing effectively and ineffectively, it helps build what kind of teacher I would like to become …. the art teacher I observed was amazing! She’s had over 30 years of experience and she doesn’t let anyone just observe. I helped glaze 160 snowflake ornaments and also helped draw 40 angels for the kindergardeners to paint … which was good to see “the behind the scenes” of teaching. 🙂

November 21, 2009

Observation at the Catholic School

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I have completed one day of observation at the Catholic school and let me first just say that this school has the nicest people working there and the most fantabulous lunches! It’s like a big family eating lunch, instead of a elementary or middle school cafeteria. And the food was delicious!

Observing in the art classroom was fun, and informative, as well. Mainly because I was able to observe two different kindergarden classes making art. Most public schools in the area won’t let kindergarden go to art classes, so it was really neat to see this happening. And also very informative for observing purposes to see how much a little kid can take in during one class period. They do not sit still well, but painting was a joy to watch them experience. 🙂 Also, for all those out there that might not have realized, when one five or six year old asks to use the restroom, the entire room suddenly needs to go to the restroom! It was rather comical, but maybe that was because I was only observing, and haven’t experienced that phenomena for more than a day. 😉

Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed my first day watching and observing (which means helping for the teachers at the Catholic school … I never sat down a moment I was there except for lunch! 🙂 …).

November 2, 2009

Last day …

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My last day of observations went well. I ended up not teaching a lesson, but I had prepared a lesson and teacher example … so I have one for the future. The students were finishing up the same projects they have been working on, and since the seventh graders were broken in to groups to go on a field trip every day of the week, Friday was not a good day to start a lesson plan. About half the seventh grade art class was gone on that Friday to go canoeing. It was a quiet day and not too much went on.

The most interesting experience for me was the  lock-down drill. I had never experienced such a drill while in middle or high school, and it was new to me. The principal came on over the loud speaker and said we would now have  a lock-down drill. Then the art teacher lock and closed the door, turned out the lights, and everyone in the classroom, teacher and students (and me!) had to go to the back corner of the room and sit in complete silence for about five or ten minutes. It was kind of creepy, and it is amazing how hard it is to sit in silence for that long! The art teacher I was observing told me they have this drill quite frequently in case someone ever comes in the school, like a school shooting or something. It is good that schools are trying to prepare for these horrible events, but it was definitely scary … however the craziest part about it was that the middle schoolers acted like it was no big deal, just another day of school. So sad!

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