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September 29, 2009

First day of practicum

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So today was my first day of practicum observations and I definitely did a lot of observing, but no sitting down and a lot of helping too! I am observing at a gifted middle school and all of the kids were supper well behaved (for kids mind you) and had amazing artwork. The school is really neat because they have an honor code and there aren’t even locks on the lockers … no one messes with anyone else’s’ stuff. It’s really a novel concept … I went to private christian school and even we had locks on the lockers.

The projects the students are working on were really neat. The sixth graders theme this year is identity of self and they were working on drawing animals that represent traits the students felt they had that the animals might have too. The seventh graders are learning about identity as it relates to relationships and they were drawing animals on black paper with chalk pastels … they had to choose a design to use: symmetrical, asymmetrical, or balanced. The drawings were turning out great! The eighth graders are learning about identity as it relates to world cultures. They just learned about Egyptian art yesterday so today they were starting their own Egyptian people drawings with animal heads.

Overall the first day experience went well. I don’t think all middle schoolers are as terrible as the perceived misconception I had in my head stated (although I already knew it was a misconception that needed a reality check). I’m looking forward to continuing the observations and the teacher I’m observing even said I could teach a lesson I make to the classes during my observation that she would critique. I will most definitely be taking her up on that offer! The only thing that upset me today was that the art teacher draws on everyone’s drawings when they have questions. Ugh! Do not draw on students artwork! It is theirs and not yours to take that kind of liberty with! On a plus side, and completely random, middle school girls have incredibly cute shoes! 🙂


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