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November 21, 2009

Observation at the Catholic School

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I have completed one day of observation at the Catholic school and let me first just say that this school has the nicest people working there and the most fantabulous lunches! It’s like a big family eating lunch, instead of a elementary or middle school cafeteria. And the food was delicious!

Observing in the art classroom was fun, and informative, as well. Mainly because I was able to observe two different kindergarden classes making art. Most public schools in the area won’t let kindergarden go to art classes, so it was really neat to see this happening. And also very informative for observing purposes to see how much a little kid can take in during one class period. They do not sit still well, but painting was a joy to watch them experience. 🙂 Also, for all those out there that might not have realized, when one five or six year old asks to use the restroom, the entire room suddenly needs to go to the restroom! It was rather comical, but maybe that was because I was only observing, and haven’t experienced that phenomena for more than a day. 😉

Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed my first day watching and observing (which means helping for the teachers at the Catholic school … I never sat down a moment I was there except for lunch! 🙂 …).


November 2, 2009

Last day …

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My last day of observations went well. I ended up not teaching a lesson, but I had prepared a lesson and teacher example … so I have one for the future. The students were finishing up the same projects they have been working on, and since the seventh graders were broken in to groups to go on a field trip every day of the week, Friday was not a good day to start a lesson plan. About half the seventh grade art class was gone on that Friday to go canoeing. It was a quiet day and not too much went on.

The most interesting experience for me was the  lock-down drill. I had never experienced such a drill while in middle or high school, and it was new to me. The principal came on over the loud speaker and said we would now have  a lock-down drill. Then the art teacher lock and closed the door, turned out the lights, and everyone in the classroom, teacher and students (and me!) had to go to the back corner of the room and sit in complete silence for about five or ten minutes. It was kind of creepy, and it is amazing how hard it is to sit in silence for that long! The art teacher I was observing told me they have this drill quite frequently in case someone ever comes in the school, like a school shooting or something. It is good that schools are trying to prepare for these horrible events, but it was definitely scary … however the craziest part about it was that the middle schoolers acted like it was no big deal, just another day of school. So sad!

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