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December 3, 2009

Last day of observation …

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I spent my last day of observation at the Catholic school this past Tuesday. I was a great experience and one I am glad I was able to have. I officially (and really already knew) love kindergardeners! They were the joy of my days observing at the Catholic school. Painting and 5 year olds goes as well as expected together! I would say most of them had paint on their sleeves after finishing for the class period … even after I personally went around and unbuttoned and rolled up sleeves on about 25 kids! One little boy put his whole arm in orange paint … I was concerned about washing the paint off and the helper in the classroom told me to leave it, it would wash out when he got home. So, there’s something I learned, if it won’t come out in about five minutes of washing, leave it be for home. 😉

The lunch is still an amazing experience! Kudos to the school for making it feel like a big family gathering. I also enjoyed observing fourth graders, but for an entirely different reason. They tested my patience greatly. haha. They were soooo bad after the five day break for Thanksgiving. Paint flying across the room, cups spilling over, a mess at the sink, 3o dirty brushes … one class was made to end early by the art teacher because she had had enough. They had to sit on the rug and wait for their teacher to come pick them up. This experience was good for my patience and also when I have a quiet look at what a teacher is doing effectively and ineffectively, it helps build what kind of teacher I would like to become …. the art teacher I observed was amazing! She’s had over 30 years of experience and she doesn’t let anyone just observe. I helped glaze 160 snowflake ornaments and also helped draw 40 angels for the kindergardeners to paint … which was good to see “the behind the scenes” of teaching. 🙂


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