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Unit Plan – Change

Kindergarteners are learning about change in their classroom – which I found out after I started this unit plan – so instead of one lesson on change it turned into three!

Hungry Caterpillar – The first lesson on change is about the Hungry Caterpillar. We made our own hungry caterpillars and not only learned about caterpillars turning into butterflies but about covering a whole piece of white paper with colors with paint, how to trace circles on a page, and how to cut out the circles following a line. We also learned about gluing paper together to make the caterpillar body using “dot, dot, dot, not a lot” of glue! and eye/hand coordination.

Very Hungry Caterpillars

Up Close Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is the final product from the Hungry Caterpillars. I have two different apples hanging in the hallway with the two kindergarten classes caterpillars, one group on each apple. I plan to have letters going over top the apple so people know why we made them. 🙂

Hungry Caterpillars Eating an Apple

butterflies – The next lesson in the unit plan is focusing on butterflies. The kindergarteners have finished their caterpillars and are now making the change to butterflies. They were really excited to see what happens when you put salt on wet paint!






bumble bees – The third and final lesson (for now) in the unit on change is about bumble bees helping the flowers grow. This lesson will definitely be modified because working with 17 kindergarteners and yarn and twisting pipe-cleaners is too much! But they still turned out cute!

Buzzing Bumble Bees!

Buzzing Bumble Bees!

Buzzing Bumble Bees!


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