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October 21, 2009

middle schoolers rock ;-)

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I observed this past Friday and again today at the magnet middle school. It was a lot of fun and I feel like I am learning a lot about the kind of teacher I would like to become. There are two sixth grade classes, and each class is working on a different craft project. Third bell is working on basket weaving, and the end results are turning out really nicely. The eighth bell class is weaving mini bags using cardboard. I have taken two semesters of fibers, and am a proud new owner of a table loom, however weaving on cardboard was new to me. I was able to weave a bag with the students which was really neat. Since the boys in the class did not want to make “man purses”, the art teacher told them it was an ipod holder! This seemed to work, and appeased all involved in weaving. 🙂

One of the seventh graders told me I was their favorite non-teacher. Which, I will admit, a bit of a self-esteem booster for me within the classroom. It also reminded me that even though all I’m doing is walking around the room and talking to students about their artwork, I am still a role model and the middle schoolers are watching me. A bit cool, a little scary, and I am still not used to being called Ms. Coggin! It feels really weird, and makes me feel really old (I finally understand why so many older people I knew when I was younger insisted on being called by their first name … they wanted to feel young again!)

I will be helping teach a lesson on Friday, my last day of practicum observations. I must admit 45 hours really isn’t that long to be required to observe. If one does a whole day in the classroom, it goes by really fast. I will already miss many of the students at the magnet school when my time is up on Friday. They are an amazing group of kids and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to talk with and learn from them. Anyway, I get to makeup the lesson plan and have to make a teaching example for Friday, so I will post images of both my teaching example and my weaving venture.


October 5, 2009

Second Day

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The second day of observation went really well. All of the kids at the magnet school are amazing! 🙂 I enjoyed spending the whole day there. The students were all working on finishing the same projects, so nothing too new was going on. It was nice to be in school, and I enjoyed experiencing another day of public middle school. Even though magnet middle school isn’t the exact image of most middle schools, one step at a time! The students all really love their art teacher, and the 8th grade girls were a lot of fun to talk to while they worked on their projects … a more exciting blog to come …

September 29, 2009

First day of practicum

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So today was my first day of practicum observations and I definitely did a lot of observing, but no sitting down and a lot of helping too! I am observing at a gifted middle school and all of the kids were supper well behaved (for kids mind you) and had amazing artwork. The school is really neat because they have an honor code and there aren’t even locks on the lockers … no one messes with anyone else’s’ stuff. It’s really a novel concept … I went to private christian school and even we had locks on the lockers.

The projects the students are working on were really neat. The sixth graders theme this year is identity of self and they were working on drawing animals that represent traits the students felt they had that the animals might have too. The seventh graders are learning about identity as it relates to relationships and they were drawing animals on black paper with chalk pastels … they had to choose a design to use: symmetrical, asymmetrical, or balanced. The drawings were turning out great! The eighth graders are learning about identity as it relates to world cultures. They just learned about Egyptian art yesterday so today they were starting their own Egyptian people drawings with animal heads.

Overall the first day experience went well. I don’t think all middle schoolers are as terrible as the perceived misconception I had in my head stated (although I already knew it was a misconception that needed a reality check). I’m looking forward to continuing the observations and the teacher I’m observing even said I could teach a lesson I make to the classes during my observation that she would critique. I will most definitely be taking her up on that offer! The only thing that upset me today was that the art teacher draws on everyone’s drawings when they have questions. Ugh! Do not draw on students artwork! It is theirs and not yours to take that kind of liberty with! On a plus side, and completely random, middle school girls have incredibly cute shoes! 🙂

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